These videos tell some of the stories of the people or families affected

David Kerr, Professor of Cancer Medicine, Oxford University explains about DPYD its importance and effects.

Louise Brown talks about how a lack of DPYD testing affected her father Keith Gadd.

Ann McGill relates her experience as a survivor of capecitabine chemotherapy.

Chris Stevens talks about the loss of his wife Lynn Stevens after her oncologists failed to undertake DPYD testing.

BBC South Today reports on the story of Louise Brown who tragically lost her father to capecitabine chemotherapy toxicity as a result of unknown DPYD deficiency.  A simple, inexpensive blood test would have saved his life.

Sky News covers the urgent need to introduce comprehensive DPYD testing in the UK to save cancer patients lives and immense suffering. Professor David Kerr and Louise Brown interviewed.


The urgent need for DPYD testing


Aims and objectives of the 5FU Test Alliance

Know the risk of 5FU chemotherapy
Association Victimes 5-FU