Our Charter

Charter for the 5FU Test Alliance 

The following is a simple explanation of the aims and objectives of the 5FU Test Alliance

Our Aim

To make comprehensive, clinically proven DPYD testing freely available to all cancer patients through the NHS before treatment with 5FU or capecitabine.

To avoid risk of possible death: 

“Before treatment with 5FU or capecitabine all cancer patients should be offered a comprehensive DPYD test.”

Membership of the Alliance

Membership is informal and is open to all people who support the Alliance’s aims aged 18 or over. No membership fee is charged and no member register is held by the Alliance. No member is authorised to speak on the Alliance’s behalf unless authorised by a member of the Steering Committee in writing.

Steering committee

The steering committee determine who is appointed to the steering committee. The steering committee is currently comprised of members of the public who are either survivors of, or family members of those killed by, 5FU/capecitabine toxicity.  The names of the steering committee are available on request from the secretariat: secretary@5FUtestalliance.org The steering committee’s role is to determine, agree and steer the 5FU Test Alliance to achieve its aims.  

Both we and official bodies have asked NHS England to bring about change, but nothing has been done.


The secretariat provides services to the 5FU Test Alliance to enable them to achieve their aims.  Principally this involves the establishment of communication tools and services and the dissemination of information on the 5FU Test Alliance’s behalf.  The secretariat is funded by an independent, project driven, educational grant, from Oxford Cancer Biomarkers (OCB).  Any information provided, activities conducted, or communications made by the Alliance are determined solely by the Alliance’s Steering Committee. This grant is reviewed on a regular basis and may be terminated by the Steering Committee at any time.

Any views expressed as part of the Alliance’ activities are solely and entirely the views and the responsibility of the individual member expressing the view.  There is no collective responsibility for any views expressed. All information, advice, suggestion or other communication is provided with the utmost integrity but should not be relied upon in making treatment decisions. Responsibility for all decisions relating to patient care rest with the patients’ clinician.